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These nine audios offer you insider secrets I’ve learned from writing 15 internationally published, multiple awards-winning books—some of which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and still in print, years after first being published.

Episode One: How the Secret Behind the “Don’t Mess With Texas” Campaign Can Help You Sell More Books.
What’s the single biggest mistake that most aspiring nonfiction authors make, that detrimentally impacts the number of books they sell? Discover this secret in the first of this 9-part series.

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Just Say ‘Yes’ to this Book

My essay “Yes! And…” (page 33) appears with 71 other “award-winning novelists, poets, scientists, spiritual teachers, and artists” who share personal stories and nuggets of wisdom about what saying ‘Yes’ means to us. Edited by the delightful Jill Cooper of Exult Road.

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