Let’s Collaborate

Premium Service

There’s a lot of talk these days about “cognitive enhancement” drugs. Here’s an opportunity to enjoy the same benefits, with none of the risks. Because our work together—whether on a book or broader thought leadership campaign—offers the opportunity to combine our brainpower. And, together, accomplish something extraordinary.

All you need is a body of expertise and the passionate desire to become more visible and impactful. Don’t worry about knowing what your project is about, precisely. That’s part of our discovery process. We’ll spend time identifying the “white space” opportunity that will differentiate you and provide a solid foundation for what we create moving forward.

Is this a “coaching” process?
Not really. You’ll have access to my 30+ years of skills, experience and ability to quickly synthesize and communicate information. I don’t want you struggling to execute on something (from researching to writing), that’s quicker and easier for me to do, and will move you forward faster.

Am I a consultant?
Only if the consultants you’ve worked with make their approach transparent. You’ll learn and be able to apply these insights to future strategic communication projects. My role is to expand your skill set and your mindset, so you’re different at the end of the project than you were at the beginning.

Do I have a step-by-step process?
My approach is one of “structured flexibility.” Yes, I’ve developed highly successful processes and methodologies over the past 30 years. But every client is different. I don’t personalize my process to meet your unique needs and desired outcomes, I customize. What’s important is that I shape an experience that works for YOU!

As you’ll see from these sample case studies, each client had a different challenge:

Naveen Lakkur: From many thoughts to one winning idea.

Stig Nybo: From expert to thought leader in a 15-point leap.

Michael Papanek: Transforming a “live act” into an ace recording.

Sharon Schweitzer: What differentiation can do for business growth.

I don’t claim to make you a “bestselling author” in a month or less. I don’t churn out “hundreds of bestselling books” in year. What you get from me is a “bespoke” service that’s focused on reconfiguring your brain. Provoking fresh insights that are relevant to growing your business.

Oh, and you’ll also have your name on a book!