Free Audio Series

Episode 1: How the Secret Behind the “Don’t Mess With Texas” Campaign Can Help You Sell More Books.

What’s the single biggest mistake that most aspiring nonfiction authors make, that detrimentally impacts the number of books they sell? Discover this secret in the first of this 9-part series.

Episode 2: What Mark Twain Can Teach You About Picking the Right Editor For Your Book.

As an aspiring author you can use the “trial-and-error” method, the theoretical approach – or this way to ensure you craft a superior nonfiction book.

Episode 3: How Gourmet Chocolate Makers Inspire Genius Ideas.

Ever wondered how you might write a book that absolutely no one else could have written? Discover how – inspired by the creativity of today’s gourmet chocolatiers.

Episode 4: Who (and What) is The Question?

There’s a villain with the potential to ruin the success of your book. Complete the nine-word sentence that will ensure you defeat it and emerge as a superhero to your readers.

Episode 5: How to Quickly and Easily Generate a “Killer” Title for Your Book.

My three step process for enticing your readers with a “killer” book title that succinctly captures the promise you are making to your readers.

Episode 6: How To Structure a Great Book: Lessons from the Iron Lady.

Discover the secret formula I call “The Power of Three” and avoid the mistake made by former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

Episode 7: How Hollywood Can Help You Write Better Nonfiction.

It’s not just novelists and movie screenwriters who benefit from “plotting.” Learn what Moneyball, Trading Places, and Ocean’s Eleven can teach you about crafting a compelling nonfiction book.

Episode 8: What Buffy the Vampire Slayer Can Teach You About Beginnings and Endings.

How you can start and finish your nonfiction book that will leave your readers eager for more.

Episode 9: The Tortoise and the Hare – What Kind of Author Are You?

What Aesop’s 5th century BC fable has to do with being a self-published nonfiction author today.

The Insights Express audio series was produced by veteran radio host and coach, Wayne Kelly of On-Air Publicity (it’s Wayne’s voice you hear at the front end and close of each episode). If you would like to explore how Wayne can help you showcase your book or business with professional audio, podcasts, interviews and publicity, contact him today. Tell him Dr Liz sent you!