Dr Liz, Audvisor Expert (with Tom Peters, Seth Godin etc.)



Have you heard about Audvisor yet? That’s the app you can download through the Apple Store or Google Play that brings you short (under 3 minutes), powerful insights from “the world’s top experts.” And I’m honored to be considered one of them, along with the likes of Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki and Sally Hogshead.

Please help me share these recordings with a wider audience (they’re on two of my favorite topics, publishing books and developing thought leadership status) by:

  1. Downloading the App to your smartphone or computer.
  2. Finding one or more of my recorded insights (I’m listed alphabetically, under L for Liz (Dr. Liz Alexander)). Current topics include: How a Book Can Boost Your Business, Eight Disciplines Authors Need to Embrace, and Publishing Your Book, with more on the way.
  3. Using the Twitter and Facebook icons to share these recordings directly with your networks — perhaps with a short comment about their usefulness to you?
  4. Sharing your thoughts and a link to Audvisor with your LinkedIn followers.
  5. Letting me know what you think about any or all of these topics. I’d love to know what you would be interested to hear!!

Thank you.


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