Former Client’s Book #1 on Kindle

When Ken Brand approached me to help him with his first book, his idea was to capture a selection of his blog posts. I advised him to save the trees!

We then took the same expertise that Ken had shared as a blogger, determined the scope and structure of the book, and organized the material thematically.

The book, Less Blah  Blah, More Ah Ha: How social savvy real estate agents become trusted, preferred, referred Рand rewarded was published in the summer of 2011. By December it was #1 in three categories on Kindle:


Just after the book was published, Ken talked about the experience of working with me. The recording is just 9 minutes long and covers:

  • How he had “flailed around” by himself without getting anywhere.
  • Why it takes an experienced individual — not necessarily the writer themselves — to structure a highly-readable book.
  • The benefits of being “slapped with a velvet glove.”

Listen here: Ken Brand More Ah-Ha Book.


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