Vinod Kumaar R

Consultant at ThoughtWorks, Bangalore.

Dr Liz Alexander’s style of delivering a lecture or workshop makes the time fly like a breeze. She shared loads of her book writing experience with us in such a way that I felt that I was listening to someone’s journey tales. Dr Liz Alexander’s style also helped me to remember most of the session without taking many notes, so more time was spent in absorbing the conversations and sharing knowledge. I am very confident that Dr Liz Alexander will be well connected with the author who seeks her expertise and will make sure that a quality product comes out.

Hari Balaji V R


Dr. Liz Alexander’s awesome workshop gave a clear understanding and simple framework to work with for the individuals aspiring to be Authors. Her approach of “Giving Birth to the Book Inside” for each participant was commendable. I was glad to be a part of her very first workshop in India and would like to see her more often in India as the publishing industry is still in its nascent stage.

Kirsten Menes

Phillips, Amsterdam, Holland

I had the pleasure of working with Liz to put together a fantastic 2 day workshop for the 400+ Top Potentials at Philips electronics worldwide. The workshops were not only a massive hit but people are still talking about them years later. Liz was an amazing collaborator: professional, creative, fast and lots of fun. I would have the utmost confidence to hire her to do almost anything!

Rahul Mitra

Social Media Marketing Manager at IBM India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India

She has deep knowledge of her domain, is personable and is a fantastic communicator and coach. If you are looking at getting a book published, you need her experience, her suggestions and above all her candor on your side. I was privileged to attend one of her workshops and would recommend her coaching to anyone.

Shivaraam A

Retail Trainer, Bangalore, India

Dr. Liz has the ability to show you new ways for your “unpublished book”, the many pluses and minuses that you probably would not have found out yourself. Or found out about it the hard way after a long time. She probably can get your book faster to the market than any one else. Look at it this way; every “book” needs not only an author but also a good boss, to get that “book” published. What more can any budding author ask?

Sarah Ross

Program Specialist– No Kidding at YouthLaunch, Austin, TX

Dr. Liz Alexander gave the opening address at our conference for young parents, hosted by YouthLaunch and the Office of the Attorney General. Her talk was empowering, motivating, and really useful. She created a fantastic connection with the audience, and we all gained fresh perspective into our own lives through her message. I’ve received nothing but super positive feedback about Liz. From start to finish Liz was a pleasure to work with, and she set the tone for our conference to be a huge success! She went above and beyond for us.

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