One on One

Stig Nybo

President – Pension Sales & Distribution | Transamerica Retirement Solutions, Los Angeles, CA.

Liz is a terrific talent. Her results based style helped me galvanize my thoughts to produce a book that was far better than I could have on my own… a true professional.

Michael Papanek

Michael Papanek Consulting, California.

Dr. Liz has a powerful combination of high-level skill, deep experience and strategic thinking which creates significant value for her clients. She has helped me leverage my skills and knowledge in a way which will improve my brand, position me as a thought leader and make sure the efforts I put into my writing actually achieve my business goals. I would recommend her to anyone working on using a book to reach new levels of accomplishment and business growth, and I look forward to a long and very effective business relationship with Liz.

Jagan Nemani

Head, Innovation & Strategy at Vertafore, Seattle, WA.

I was an avid blogger and needed to make the jump from writing blogs to writing books. Not sure how to pursue the path, I asked a few of my friends to guide me, and they recommended Dr. Liz. Since then my book writing journey has been amazing. She is the best book writing coach that a writer can find. First she made me realize the big difference between writing a book and a blog, and then taught me the importance of story telling that is so essential for writing a book. Many of the chapters I wrote read like a text book, but she pushed me back and made me rewrite them like a story. Every time this happened the work output was at a much better level. A very good writing coach indeed. I wish I had such a coach at my gym, I would have been in a perfect shape by now…

Ken Brand

Author, sales manager, Prudential Gary Greene Realtors, The Woodlands, TX.

I honestly don’t think I would have gotten this book out of mind, down and paper and published without Liz’s guidance, support and expertise. Liz is flat out awesome at what she does, and she’s a beautiful human being as well.

Anna Carroll

Founder, Interaction Design Inc, Austin, TX.

Dr. Liz has helped me clarify, propose, market, draft, improve and stick to the powerful process she recommended with my forthcoming book. She has been extremely valuable every step of the way and I will continue to use her for many more projects. She is a brilliant writer herself, knowledgeable about everything related to book publishing, AND a marketing genius!! Personally, this journey has been transformational and she has helped me re-conceptualize what I know and can offer professionally.

Lynn Shank

A+ Longevity Management, Austin, TX

Until I met Dr. Liz I was completely stuck. I was writing, but not finishing or accomplishing anything. Liz gave me the structure I needed to make some real progress on my book – and she waited patiently for me to catch up to my own potential. I would never have kept going on this project without her support, encouragement, and structure. She truly cares that I finish with a book that is nothing less than the best

Joyce Scott

CEO, Superb Speakers and Trainers Bureau, Houston, TX.

I recommend and applaud Liz Alexander’s insight for accurate, crisp, phrases and sentences. As owner of a speakers’ bureau, I know many great editors and writers. I have never met anyone with the quick, deep skills to precisely enliven a sentence like Liz. My business development results improved, due to time with Liz. Ask about her background and current client-base – impressive, and worth it.

Wendy Appel

Confluence Consulting International, Spain

Dr. Liz is sharp, professional and incisive. She does not mince words, stays on track and makes you feel at ease; not an easy combination to pull off. I am thrilled with the results we achieved together.

Jeff Moore

Moore Leadership, Austin, TX.

One of the challenges of writing a book is “funneling” a barrage of ideas into a focused and impactful message. Dr. Liz has been particularly adept at helping me sort through all of the ideas and concepts that I have thrown at her. She asks penetrating questions, is an excellent listener, and interjects forcefully, but in a timely manner. Liz’s energy and passion for helping people is palpable! I highly recommend her to anyone who has a powerful message to deliver.

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