General Business

Mark Faust

Principal, Echelon Management International.

If you could grow your business by publishing a great book, there is no better professional you could retain to get the job done. Liz is truly a business growth strategist and consultant. She could probably help any professional services firm accelerate their rate of growth by as much margin as anyone.

MaAnna Stephenson

Blog Aid.

I was struggling with how to make an important case study interesting for my blog readers and potential clients. Dr. Liz provided excellent guidance for taking a unique angle that helped me turn it into a captivating story with my client at the center as the hero. I love working with Dr. Liz. She brings a wealth of experience, creativity, and expertise to the table. Plus, she has a way of explaining the concept that immediately informs and inspires. I look forward to working with her again on future projects and highly recommend her to everyone.

Britton Manasco

Principal, Manasco Marketing Partners.

Dr. Liz makes magic. When I came to her recently in search of a subtitle for my forthcoming book, she asked me a few clarifying questions, considered my responses and then presented her suggestions. Within seconds, she had produced what I’ve been trying to find myself for months. Like I said, it was magical.

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