Meet the Team

I’d like to introduce you to my current virtual team — people who enable me to offer a “one-stop,” superior service to my clients for all kinds of book-related and personal branding needs.



Lauryl Eddlemon
Honestly? If I have a personal book project, Lauryl is my first port of call. She has produced several covers for myself and my clients – I just adore her work ethic and integrity! One of the things I appreciate most is that she goes above and beyond…it’s always a delight working with Lauryl.

Lauryl began her career over 25 years ago, working for national US magazines including Southwest Art, where she was the Art Director for over ten years. After moving to Austin in 2002, Lauryl opened her book design business whose varied clientele ranges from large corporate publishing houses to small individual self-publishers. She especially enjoys working directly with new authors to help turn their vision into reality. Beyond working on books, Lauryl’s graphic design services include corporate identity/branding (e.g., logo design, business cards, presentation pieces); brochures/flyers; and posters.


Wayne Kelly
Wayne produced this latest audio series – let’s just say it was one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever done, not least because of Wayne’s unfailing energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism.

Wayne Kelly is a morning radio host/producer who helps clients promote themselves in media around the world. From national TV to local radio, Wayne’s recordings enable authors to be “discoverable” as well as attractive to the media. He creates audio programs, podcasts, editing, voice-overs, and feature interviews that will bring your book, business, and personal brand to life. Tell Wayne you’re a friend of Dr. Liz and he’ll bonus you extras!


Catherine Lowe

Catherine has saved my bacon — to use a British expression — on several occasions by accepting client manuscripts and copyediting them to meet tight deadlines.

Catherine Lowe is a New York–based freelance copy editor who works at Inc.HealthTeen VogueMartha Stewart LivingAllureand Bon Appétit magazines, among others. Editing a memoir got her hooked on longer-form projects, and she welcomes the opportunity to assist Dr. Liz’s clients with theirs. Being a writer herself, Catherine is very comfortable with language. She recognizes the importance of retaining an author’s tone and vision and adheres to it; she also bears the audience in mind, reading and editing for clarity, flow and sense.

Photography and music are Catherine’s lifelong hobbies, and she combines the two on her blog:


Sara Robberson
By now I’m concerned I’m repeating myself and may run out of superlatives, so will keep this short and sweet: Sara is brilliant!! Like, have you seen the “Bio” infographic that she created for me?

Sara Robberson is a designer and content producer, but most importantly she is a storyteller. She uses her talents to create visual products that communicate. Some have said she’s psychic, but she prefers branding intuitive. Through sharp questions and genuine interest Sara distills the essence of the client’s needs. Then she translates that into brand-oriented materials that catch your visitors – while being fresh, interesting and, of course, beautiful. She can help your online presence tell the real story you want it to through infographics, flow charts, headers, sliders, and more.


Neha Gupta
I get very excited when I discover someone who not only has exemplary skills but for whom “customer service” means going above and beyond. Working with Neha was a delight. She is my “go to” person for video and animation work.

Neha uniquely combines experience as a former news reporter with NBC News and her business analyst skills to create impactful video solutions. From breaking big stories on the stock market to interviewing some of the world’s leading businesspeople, she has done it all. Neha anchored famous shows Big Fish and Boss’ Day Out featuring major business names including the CEOs of Gucci, Cartier, Tower Watson, and the President of Yale University. At NBC 6 Miami, she produced and reported for a weekly segment ‘Going Green’ with 11-time Emmy award winner Patricia Andreu. Before becoming a TV journalist, Neha worked with and CNet Networks as a business analyst. She holds a B.S. degree in Finance from the San Francisco State University and an M.S. degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Miami.

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