Shift Yourself Over to Amazon (3 days to go)


It used to be that if you were contagious people would put you in a room by yourself. For weeks at a time. Nowadays “contagion” is all the rage on social media. It’s what we hope for as authors, especially. That our books will “take off” and reach the eyeballs of the very readers we […]

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How Long Should Your Nonfiction Book Be?

This post first appeared on my Thought Readership column on on October 15th, 2012 A[...]

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Is Thought Leadership the Future of Marketing

Hope you enjoy (and will comment on) this guest blog post I wrote for Michael Brenner’s B2B Ma[...]

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The Best Way to Structure Your Nonfiction Book

© Mike Ricci | Dreamstime.comThis post originally appeared on my Thought Readership column on on August 27th, 20[...]

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The Limitations of a Book for Thought Leaders

Timing is everything. I received two wake up calls today. Unsolicited. Hugely valuable. The first ca[...]

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