August 2012

How to Transition from Expert to Thought Leader

Here is the recording of my recent webinar for The University of Texas’ Professional Development Center on the topic of thought leadership. This was part of our marketing efforts for my Strategic Communication Certificate Program.



On Air Publicity’s Wayne Kelly on How to Use Audio to Promote Your Book

Wayne Kelly, On Air Publicity

Why is it a mistake to overlook audio, given the important role it can play in helping you market and promote your book?

What insider broadcasting tips could you use to publicize yourself and your work?

How can you make a recorded interview sound truly memorable?

Listen in to my conversation with media/publicity consultant, Wayne Kelly of On Air Publicity (get his free publicity starter kid for authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs here) to get the answers to these and other questions:

Dr. Liz interviews Wayne Kelly.

Here’s the recent 52 Motivational Interviews recording I refer to, with Wayne as the inquisitor!

Plus, to get a better handle on the quality of Wayne’s recording work, check out the Insights Express audio series that he produced for me.


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