Many people believe a book best serves them by showcasing their existing expertise. But there’s a step beyond that, which I want to lead you to. Check out this animation and video to discover if you are ready for the thought leader’s journey.


This helpful infographic outlines three different ways we might work together to establish your thought leadership and communicate it with a great book.


I travel regularly between the US, UK, and India, speaking to organizations and facilitating interactive events on thought leadership, generating innovative ideas, strategic communications, and crafting commercially and critically successful nonfiction books. Check out my latest events.

Strategic Communication

Check out the courses I designed and lead through The University of Texas at Austin’s Professional Development Center, including Crisis Communications, Measuring Strategic Communications, and Communicating Complex Ideas through Storytelling. Might I create something similar for you?

Discover More

When you’re writing that first, reputation-enhancing business book wouldn’t you want to collaborate with an internationally published author with over 25 years’ experience who has written or co-authored 14 books? Someone who is an entrepreneur, business strategist and marketing expert—as well as a writer? Check out my skills and past clients here.

What’s the biggest oversight you are likely to make that could detrimentally impact the number of books you will sell?

Check out this audio (the 1st in series of 9 here).



Discover the seven questions that will ensure commercial and critical success for your book. Begin now.


What do you need to consider before establishing a successful thought leadership strategy for your organization? Read this book to find out.


Transform Tomorrow: Awakening the Super Saver in Pursuit of Retirement Readiness by Stig Nybo with Liz Alexander PhD, will be published by John Wiley & Sons on January 9th.

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